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“Knowing and working with Julia has been amazing. She totally understands how building a strong mindset is invaluable for high-performing professionals/ entrepreneurs and she is helping women across the world do the same. Thank you for being a great coach and supporter. She is highly recommended by me.”

Business Analysis Career Coach

Eno Eka

“Working with Julia has been a complete game-changer for my business and my personal life! My client intake and monthly income doubled! Which gave me the power and belief in myself! Julia helped me out put everything in perspective! Now I don't have to rely on my plan B, my future is mine!”

Registered Nutritionist & Wellness Coach

Ashika Lessani

With Money

Heal Your Relationship

Have you tried seeking financial advice from millionaires and wondered why the strategies they swear by don’t work for you? Switch to advice that has actually worked, for a real-world mother of two. I went from broke to earning $30,000/month. I don’t claim that you’ll never work again, but I can have a positive impact on your relationship with money.

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    • Welcome: Getting The Most Out Of This Course

    • The Energy Of Money

    • Your Love Affair With Money

    • Unchained Money

    • Becoming A Master Money Magnetizer

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